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My story with began in March 2022. I ended my employment relationship with my last employer and posted on social network X (@jamdiazdiaz) that I was open to job opportunities.

I received offers from different companies, but @javatotto (Thor Henning Hetland) was direct and clear in what they offered me which I can summarize as continuous learning, challenging projects, and building open-source tools for the company and for everyone.

But, after the invitation, came the challenge of adding a new feature in Visuale.

After the Pull Request, I met my CEO Selina Stenberg from Quadim who introduced me to the project they had been developing and which I was going to join in my first days.

What is Quadim?

Quadim is a data-driven platform for managing employee skills in an organization. It responds to a solution that for years has been absent in HR or CV systems, either because they are complex modules or because they are never used. This is because many times the responsibility for completing the information falls on a single person.

It is for this last reason that Quadim obtains its information from the same employees and generates the necessary information to make better decisions. I invite you to watch our CEO's explanation in the following video, where she explains how organizations today are moving to skills-oriented organizations. So in short it is a solution to overcome the skills gap in an organization.

In this way, Quadim allows me to know what skills I have, and best of all, I can version and modify it over time.

Now imagine leaving the Excel, questionnaires, to know the skills that your organization has, which just sells said services to the market. With this, you can see the maturity that your team has individually and as a group and see how to solve the skills gap to be competitive in the market.

And let's go further. Imagine that we are a law firm and know which partners or deputies are experts on that topic and assign the ideal people for a specific case. Cool!!

Returning to the technical aspects at Quadim, I learned to use AWS, and to give my best I decided to get certified in AWS as you can see in my LinkedIn profile:

I have to thank for giving me the access, and the trust to create, delete, and solve issues and never read or listen to a "be careful not to mess up", but rather, they placed their trust in me with the phrase "let me know when it's ready". It is a microservices-based architecture that uses Spring Boot on the backend.

At Exoreaction the culture is to give opportunities to do things and it is appreciated that they are done. If what you are going to do is going to be communal, it is already a good "beer" to share with friends. That's why we love open source.

But have you only seen Java?

Quadim has made me look at VueJS, NuxtJS, AWS (EC2, RDS, ECS, ELB, EBS, S3, etc.), Hazelcast, Jenkins, Github Actions, etc.

I've also seen Golang for a project of ours called Nerthus. This was my first time and it generated my interest until now in learning it I recommend getting into an open source project to learn it, because that's how I learned without taking any course.

I also learned about the Whydah project available on Cantara which is an SSO and IAM solution for your projects. We use it on several of our clients, and it works perfectly.

Overall, the Cantara repository is a mine of interesting projects all created by an enthusiastic community from Norway and guests.

Now our team led by Rickard Öberg has created Xorcery, a bootstrap-like library designed to help you grow your solution and help developers with common service design features, such as REST API clients and servers, as well as reactive data streaming.  It is already being used by our clients and is increasingly adding more features. I have written about it, you can see the articles about it in this link.

Is it all just work?

We also make beer hahaha

And I'm not kidding, the team brews its own beer:

We participate in conferences:

And if we Peruvians and Norwegians have something in common, it is that we like to drink good beer and eat well:

And we also take time to do our favorite sport:

I cannot finish this post by thanking for the opportunity to open its doors to me and fulfill what it promised me from day one: continuous challenge and learning. It's a good place to work, the team is made up of great people, all with a supportive spirit and I hope to see them one day in person in Oslo.

Follow us on our website:

Our team

Our success stories

And of course, I invite you to join Quadim. If your organization wants to try our product, contact Selina and she will give you all the information about it:

So personally it has been two magnificent years and I am sure we will have a 2024 full of challenges and projects. We are exoreaction.




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