On Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of October, our annual JCONFPERU 2020 conference was held.

This year the organizers were: Miryan Ramirez (@miryan_ramirez), Mirza Yael (@mirzayael), Ytalo Borja (@ytachi0026), and this server Joe (@jamdiazdiaz). We had as Host of speakers Juan Ramirez, who did it super well and who will definitely add his photo as Organizer next year.

And we only had JETBRAINS and JOEDAYZ as sponsors.


This time we were accompanied by 46 speakers, many more than those shown in the initial photo since we had Eng. María Castillo from Guatemala (@marycoder) and Wendy Vargas from Costa Rica as guests for the discussion: What do we do for that there are more girls interested in you ?.

A thank you to everyone, very professional, interested in your talks, coordinating well in advance and we only had 2 absences and 2 reschedulings, but nothing happens. Faced with so many speakers, we had anticipated that something like this could happen.

The call of paper was again fully open to boys and girls, nationals and foreigners via Papercall.io which was disseminated and announced on PeruJUG's Twitter and Facebook. We also still use the Java list from Peru in google called ITP_JAVA that reaches more than 2000 members and the reception was more than we expected.

2 weeks before the event, everyone was invited to the PERUJUG slack channel, some tests were done with streamyard and we were ready for the days of the conference.


Although we already had Miryan coordinating with the Speakers, Mirza was in charge of communication via social networks, Ytalo of the website, his friend Joe was responsible for the transmission for the conference.

Check out streaming services like  Crowdcast.io and LiveStream first. But, they are very expensive tools. As Jetbrains and JoeDayz were only going to license the music and streamyard for the event, but he didn't have that much budget for that either, we had no choice but to take streamyard that costs 25 dollars per account per month per account and prepare 3 youtube accounts:  PERUJUG, JCONFPERU, JOEDAYZPERU, 3 facebook accounts: PERU JUG, JCONF PERU, JOEDAYZ ACADEMY and that's it.

The truth is that the choice was good because the audience could choose with which social network to see it and participate without problems in each talk.


In this 2020 edition, we wanted to show something different and very Peruvian. Thanks to JOEDAYZ we had the music that was created and produced by the Polymnia Music School.

The complete playlist in this link. Enjoy !!!


The truth was a job. See Miryan contacting the Speakers, coordinating with them their schedules, photos, and everything so that they feel comfortable and cared for. Mirza moving the posters and posting on social media before and during the event. Ytalo updating the site with every last minute change, being a host for his good English and speaker.

As we had several speakers in English, our brother Frank Contreras (@frank_jcg) from JUG in Nicaragua helped us to whom we thank him very much because he made us feel calmer and he covered us when we had 3 tracks in English at the same time. Thanks for everything Frank.

Juan Ramirez made an INTRO for each talk on his own, it looked great on him.

In truth, we did not lack anything and people participated with their audience and questions. We share with you everything that happened this year in case you are going to organize something similar and do it much better.

Until next year, we wait in person God willing.




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