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Jose Díaz Díaz is Founder of JoeDayz. With many years of experience in several fields of the IT industry, he helps developers and companies all over the world to be more effective in software development. Jose considers himself a problem solver who has a big love for sharing. He is a member of PERU JUG, and a speaker in conferences like JavaOne and many others.
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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Jose Diaz. I am a 42 years old Peruvian who lives in Ventanilla,PE. Here, I work as a CEO at JoeDayz.

Java developer

I started learning Java in 2000 at my first work in Telefonica Peru. It was a first love sensation. After that I have been studying and trying to use Java as a powered, scalable and productive solution. As a result from this love and for do quality software I took courses below:

  • 2010 – Project Management according to PMI
  • 2012 - Scrum Master

The enterprise days

From 2001 to 2003 I worked at Telefonica as System Analyst and participated on Java Web Development.

After I moved to Trans Solutions Systems to work until 2005.I participated in many projects that uses Java from Persistence Engine, passing by Business Component, and finally in view (Web or Desktop).

In 2005 I moved to Bristol Myers Squibb like Business Consultant and developed project for Pharmaceutical business with participation of coworkers in Mexico, Ecuador and USA.

In 2007 I founded JoeDayz for attend the projects of Bristol Myers Squibb, Mead Johnson Nutritionals and eventually in peruvian companies like PECSA, SUNAT, Enotria. Our development was based principal in Java, PHP, .NET and Android projects until 2015. After that, we develop only strategic projects, do specialized training in-house and online.

In april of 2016 I joined Trans Solutions Systems as Java Software Architect. I having the mission push even further the tools and practices that help developers to be more productive.

My current interests are:

  • Object Oriented / Functional Programming
  • Javascript (AngularJS and NodeJS)
  • Cloud applications
  • Containers (Docker, Kubernetes and Openshift)
  • DevOps tools and practices
  • Microservices
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Opensource

That’s all.

Thank you for reading. And I hope to see you again.