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Monitoring your micro services with Spring Boot Admin

This new joetip is for those who have in their architecture some micro-services developed with Spring Boot and are already using some Spring Cloud projects such as Spring Cloud Config and Spring Cloud Eureka as Discovery server.

The Spring Boot Admin is a project developed by CodeCentric which is available for free at so we can monitor our microservices.

In order for these micro-services to be monitored, we have 2 options:

Placing the dependency of spring boot admin client on each projectOr configuring the Eureka (Consul or Zookeeper) so that you can monitor the micro-services that are already registered in it.

I will explain step by step what has to be done to work with the spring boot admin in our microservices cluster. But, if you are impatient and already want to try it, here is the GitHub repository:

For my demos I will use the following projects and the following versions…

Reunión con Ex-Syscom, Ex-Telefonica, PUCP forever

Aquí una foto histórica con mis compañeros de la PUCP, y ex compañeros de trabajo en la que fuese mi primer chamba "Telefónica Servicios Internet".


Patricia García Villegas
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Feltón Silva
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